Tips for moving with kids to a new suburb in Melbourne

Moving your family to a new destination across Australia could be challenging for you, especially when you have your kids in tow. You need to deal with plenty of stressors right from loading up all of your possessions into a moving truck to the relocation and settlement of your entire life in a new house. On one side, you may be worried about finding a new school for your kids and on the other hand, it may trouble you while keeping them happy, properly fed, and safe throughout the entire moving process. So, it makes sense to plan ahead and finalize various important things including a suitable choice of a suburb, a nearby location of schools, and other amenities for kids, and hiring a reliable movers company to make sure a convenient, safe, and budget-friendly transition of the whole family.

Moving Tips

Let’s go through some important tips to reduce your stress before and during the moving day:

Choice of Suburb

When it comes to choosing a perfect location for your family and children, you should prefer to move to any family-oriented suburbs in Melbourne such as Ormond, Oak Park, Waverley, Lyndhurst, and Mill Park which can provide you some of the most important benefits including:

  • Closely located shopping places
  • Medical and Hospitals Facilities
  • Nearby Schools facilities
  • Fun and recreational facilities


Packing Your kid’s Moving Bag

Unlike your boring collection, your kid’s moving bag should include their important toys and books. You must even encourage your kids to pack their own moving day bag and make them feel involved. Therefore, while you unpack the moving box of your kids, they have all the needful things to get settled.

Hire A Babysitter or a Professional Mover Service

You have two options to look after your kids, first, you can hire Babysitter that can be beneficial in case your child is quite young to lend a hand. A babysitter can help you remain free from all worries about your kids’ activities while you are involved in other important moving tasks. Secondly, you can opt for hiring a professional local movers company like 365 Movers to let you give better attention to your child while your moving pros do their best job to relocate your family to any of your preferred destination anywhere in and around Melbourne and its suburbs such as Ormond, Oak Park, Waverley, Lyndhurst, and Mill Park. Moreover, you can encourage your child to help out in packing or moving tasks to make them feel included during a moving process.

Allow your kids to settle in the new house

Once the whole relocation process is over, help your little ones get acclimated to the new surroundings in a new house. At this point, It’s important for you to spare some time to play with your child any of their favourite games. This will be helpful in making the new house less intimidating for your kids and let them become more familiar with the new layout to feel more comfortable.

No doubt, moving with kids to a new city or suburb in Australia could be a stressful experience for you, still, you can ease the transition with any of the above useful tips and tricks. 365 Movers is here to help you with residential and commercial moving to all cities and suburbs in and around Melbourne across Australia including Ormond, Oak Park, Waverley, Lyndhurst, and Mill Park. Our courteous moving service and attention to detail will ensure you the utmost satisfaction and worth the penny you will to hire us.

If you are relocating with your kids to a local or long distance city or suburb across Australia, be sure to contact us for a free and the most competitive quote on our premium moving services!

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