Important Things That Really Great Movers Do

If you know, an average Australian citizen moves once every seven years. However, in popular cities and suburbs like Seymour, Lyndhurst, Doveton, Fairfield, Salisbury, Archerfield, and Kuraby, that average increases to once every three years. It makes sense because many of those who relocate are either graduating from college or have children studying at school. But some people begin talking to different moving (i.e. moving Archerfield or moving Kuraby) companies without knowing their service process.


If you’re about to move in the next few days or months, considering the professional services of Movers Seymour will be a good decision for you. In this write-up, we share some of the perks from great professional movers companies in Australia, like 365 movers Lyndhurst, which can provide a surefire way to make you happy.

Obligation Free Estimates

Before hiring a professional ‘movers Fairfieldcompany, ask your friends and relatives for their recommendations. Research and make a list of top 5 moving companies as per your moving requirements. Reach out each of them and get estimates for their services. Estimates for a small house or studio apartment can generally be provided over the phone, but estimates of a large move will be provided only after a site visit at your current location. To ensure accurate estimates, a consultant from a professional and reliable ‘movers Salisbury‘ company will visit your house to collect the necessary information, including inventory and other details, i.e. if stairs are present or not, any additional services, etc. They also provide you with a price breakdown to explain what’s included and what’s not included in the price, so you feel at ease. Not only this, good movers Doveton never pressurize you to sign a deal because they know that you want to get several different quotes. If you feel strong-armed to sign a contract or make a deposit to the company, this is a red signal.

Packing Service

Most professional moving companies have plenty of experience in packing different types and sizes of possessions, carefully and safely. Moving all items by yourself could be risky especially if you move with a lot of fragile or delicate items. And entrusting the packaging job to the professionals will be a smart decision. So, don’t forget to mention your packing needs for fragile and expensive items when you consult with a moving company.

Extra Service Charges

There are varying levels of liability during transportation of goods especially when you live in a fifth-floor walk-up apartment or in a narrow street that hardly accommodates a full-sized moving truck to increase the cost of moving. Great moving Kuraby companies will not hesitate to share the information if your move will incur additional fees.

Round the Clock Customer Service

A professional movers company will depute an executive when moving Archerfield who will stay in touch with you and movers round-the-clock during the move. They will even provide you with their contact numbers to answer your calls or messages immediately. This customer service is especially helpful in long-distance moves, particularly in bad weather, traffic jam, construction, or vehicular malfunctions, etc.

Any queries or more information?

Put your faith in the country’s best 365 movers, offering world-class services at a fair price in all major cities and towns including Seymour, Lyndhurst, Doveton, Fairfield, Salisbury, Archerfield, and Kuraby.

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